Precision sheet metal Laser Processin

Precision sheet metal – Laser Processing


Our Manufacturing System can support in wide range of Processing/Manufacturing

Our vaunted Manufacturing System can offer reliable, predictable and responsive Triangle Service(Quality, Cost, Delivery) to high-mix low-volume customers .We support in wide range of Processing/Manufacturing include Laser Processing, Turret punch press Processing, Bending Processing, Rolller Processing, Stainless – Aluminum – Iron welding, Chasiss Processing, Precision Spring Processing.


  • Laser Processing
  • Stainless – Aluminum – Iron welding
  • Turret punch press Processing
  • Chasiss Processing
  • Bending Processing
  • Precision Spring Processing
  • Rolller Processing




Powder-Baking Coating

Powder Coating Baking Coating


Our mechanics are all skilled and never be indulgent to any mistake in manufacturing.

Having 40 years experience in Baking coating - Finishing pushes us always one step ahead of our competitors.

We also supporting various type of Special Coating such as Leathertone – Hammertone – Satin and Environment Friendly Powder Coating.


  • Special Coatting such as Leathertone – Hammertone – Stainless – Aluminum – Iron welding
  • Environment Friendly Powder Coating


Masking Sanding Coating Quality Check


Order Made ・  Original Product Development

Original Product Development


Utilize our production equipment and technological capability

Utilize our production equipment, cast your ideas into shape.
New individual clients are always welcome!



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